Advisors for Ukraine

Free advice to Ukrainian refugees

The Association of Advisors for Ukraine is born with the intention of channeling the requests for advice that can be generated to the refugees, as well as to the people of our country who, in some way, collaborate or help the refugees.


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Who we are


is a non-profit Association created to promote advice to the refugees who comes from the War in Ukraine, as well as all those people or entities that collaborate in some way with the refugees. Today, our territorial scope is Catalonia. 

Advising is offered by professional firms affiliated with the Association. 

We offer free tax, legal, labour and immigration advice to people that come from Ukraine, who arrive in our country as refugees, and who may get into trouble in different situations in which they need support until they are settled. 

Adhered entities

Contact the association

Contact us for any legal questions regarding Ukrainian refugees.

If you are a professional firm, join to the Association

The Association is open to any professional firm in Catalonia to join in advising refugees. The affiliation is immediate and free, you just have to send an email to  and we will contact you to start advising and explain you how it works. Once you have joined to the Association, we will incorporate you into our website and, if you wish, you can use the Association’s logo in your communications as an affiliated professional firm.   

We will need you to be able to cover the entire territory.

If you are an entity that helps refugees, we can collaborate together

If you are an entity that helps refugees in any field, we can collaborate and respond to the legal needs that may arise for refugees. Send us an email to and we will contact you to start advising. 

We can provide coverage to other refugees by providing solutions to their legal needs.

Services we offer


Immigration: obtaining work authorisation; NIE processing; processing any kind of foreign authorisations.


Tax: regularisation of the tax situation of refugees; tax advice.


Labour: processing of the necessary permits to work in Spain; labour advice.


Entrepreneurship: advice to Ukrainian entrepreneurs who wants to start a business in Catalonia.